Equo solidale

Published on 13/05/2015

  • Equo solidale
Miscela dei migliori caffè arabica e robusta provenienti dal Congo, Perù e Colombia selezionati con cura nei Paesi d'origine. L'aspetto della crema è di colore nocciola con striature cacao. L'aroma è quello tipico di un buon caffè tostato. L'aggiunta di zucchero deve essere moderata per non far eccedere la dolcezza tipica della miscela.


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Hi Nespresso GirlI've been a long term Indraya drinker and aluhgtoh I was excited to hear of Kazaar it didn't quite do it for me.I'm rather excited though to try out the capsul'in range and have contacted the distributor in France to see if I can buy some and have them sent down under.I'd love to see how they perform in the new Nespresso Maestria range, especially now that we can froth our own milk (Finally)I'm sceptical that they will make coffee as good as the original factory pods, but being able to buy my coffee and fresh grind it locally would be awesome.I would love to see a site like yours review something that is refillable and recyclable.Regards from Down under,Raul

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