Published on 2015-05-13

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Mixture of the best arabica and robusta coffees from Congo, Perù and Colombia handpicked in the countries of origin. The appearance of the cream is brown colored with streaks of cocoa. The aroma is characteristic of a good roasted coffee. Adding sugar should be moderate to not exceed the typical sweetness of the mixture.


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Being one of the infamous we've often taekld about, Nestle9 is one of the last companies we would ever trust to do the right thing when it comes to coffee. They have decades of history indicating quite the contrary.Which doesn't mean they're incapable of improving their standards. Given the baseline tests we've put them through, those standards may be better than the 1980s home espresso heyday. However, Nestle9's standards are still woefully lacking and the Nespresso represents more tolerable than good . We just don't understand how you can build a brand of upscale boutiques around a product where we can at best say, It's drinkable.

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