Switzerlad: coffee pods cigarette rolled

Published on 2015-03-02

  • Switzerlad: coffee pods cigarette rolled
  • Switzerlad: coffee pods cigarette rolled
  • Switzerlad: coffee pods cigarette rolled

• Difficulty: medium
• Preparation: 35 min
• Cooking: in the oven at 160°
• Servings: approximately 20 rolls
Ingredients for coffee pods:
melted butter: 100 gr
OO flour: 110 gr.
icing sugar: 110 gr.
egg whites: 2
vanilla: 1 sachet
Salt: a pinch
Coffee: a cup of good Aroma espresso Company
Preparation of coffee pods:
1. Mount the 2 until stiff egg whites with powdered sugar and a pinch of salt
2. mix all ingredients in a bowl and add the whites gently mounted snow, until dough is smooth and homogeneous
3. pour some Tablespoons (2/3) on a non-stick pan in preheated oven at 160° c.
4. distribute the mixture stretch with small taps under the pan to get a thin disk
5. Cook the disks until the edges have darkened slightly
6. Remove wafers from pan and cut into strips of 4-5 cm wide
7. cold when they are filled with vanilla ice cream/cocoa or other tastes and cigarette rolled

Final decorating and presenting the coffee pods:
Arrange on a plate, cigarettes deliver a pinch of ground coffee on the sweet and a drizzle of caramel/chocolate liquid ... and Bon appétit!!!
prepare the cake so you have time to cool the waffles before you fill them with ice cream to avoid the dissolution of the same.

enjoy them with a cup of creamy espresso, for this you can use our:
• COMPATIBLE CAPSULES "ESSENCE of the South" 100% ARABICA that unleashes its unmistakable flavor of caramel, hazelnut and chocolate together with the typical pleasant and sweet notes of arabica of central america

Or for those who love strong flavours:
• COMPATIBLE CAPSULES "SOLE DI NAPOLI" 10% 90% ROBUSTA and ARABICA COFFEE PODS ' paper-mixture by strong taste and creamy with hints of chocolate and hazelnut.
• or with coffee that more you like...!


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