Scae world news: Specialty coffee Association Europe

Published on 2014-12-03

  • Scae world news: Specialty coffee Association Europe
  • Scae world news: Specialty coffee Association Europe
  • Scae world news: Specialty coffee Association Europe

The next year, the world of coffee, goes in the northern city of Gothenburg, where we hope to make the event bigger and better still. Sofia Lennström, Project Manager at ' Joseph på Västsverige ' gives his views on what Gothenburg can offer to the world:

"The western Sweden is renowned for the richness and the quality of its local and organic products. The forests of the hinterland offer a variety of game, berries and fresh fish, while the campaign precious cheese, produces beer and schnapps.
The crustaceans from the West Coast are among the most delicious in the world thanks to the cold, clean, salt water and rich in minerals.

"In Gothenburg and in western Sweden is a lively restaurant. All restaurants are Michelin stars and you can find from gourmet dining to street food and quantities of food in abundance. The local cuisine is very important and the availability of ingredients and the seasons contribute to incredible dining experience.

"The ' Joseph på Västsverige '-' A taste of West Sweden '-aims to bring the best selection of local products through farm shops, working in collaboration with grocery stores, as well as to increase the number of restaurants, including environmentally conscious choosing. Is a global brand that is owned and operated by the West Sweden tourist group and ' Lokalproducerat i Väst '-' locally in western Sweden.

"' Giuseppe på Västsverige ' is happy to be a part of the coffee industry in Gothenburg in June next year. We hope to bring the best of what the region has to offer. Such as ice cream, produced locally, from Råda Gelato, high quality meat ' Gröna Gårdar ', locally produced meats from Kullans ' Lycka ' and more. "


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