The Italy is growing in the coffee market

Published on 2014-12-03

  • The Italy is growing in the coffee market
  • The Italy is growing in the coffee market
  • The Italy is growing in the coffee market

Despite the crisis, the business of Italian roasted coffee in the peninsula, still grows.
The turnover of the entire sector is approximately 3.1 billion and 7 thousand employees work on more than 700 coffee roasting.
The coffee sector is driven with a share of 70% export to EU, from roasted coffee.
The main Countries in which the product is intended are in addition to Europe, the United States, Australia, the Russian Federation, the United Arab Emirates and China.
In recent years, he has also scored a + sign coffee monoporzionato (pods and capsules) which considering the import of Nespresso capsules from Switzerland scored a growth of +9.1% to a turnover of 982 million euros. Also in this sector grows vigorously selling to foreign countries with a +17.6% while only grows of +5.3% sale on the local market.
Analyzing the data of purchase of raw, during the first half of 2014 we see an increase of 6% compared to the previous year, and 8.7% nele roasted coffee exports. The Italy settles down then as the third EU country exporter of roasted coffee and as the fourth country in the world after Germany, Belgium and the United States.


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