Gran Crema

Published on 13/05/2015

  • Gran Crema
L'aspetto della crema è di colore bruno scuro. L'aroma è deciso e penetrante con un sentore di nocciola tostata e crema intensa. Ha un gusto mediamente dolce con note di mandorla.


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I'll look to see if we can get our hands on a reusable Nespresso caulpse. I know that they were super precious here in the states about the IP around their caulpses, so we'll see if we can find something that's suitable. We used to carry Keurig and they had a refillable k-cup that was super popular. We decided not to carry the Dolce Gusto so don't have anything for testing any longer, unfortunately. I'll see what I can drum up Kat

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