Bird Rock coffee Roasters

Published on 2014-11-06

  • Bird Rock coffee Roasters
  • Bird Rock coffee Roasters
  • Bird Rock coffee Roasters
  • Bird Rock coffee Roasters

If you're from San Diego, why not visit the Big New Bar signed Bird Rock coffee Roasters, specialists in quality coffee roasting?..

Bird Rock coffee Roasters has its own coffee bar, open and welcoming, inside a commercial building, brand new, on Kettner Blvd., in the northern part of Little Italy, San Diego.

The second retail outpost to Bird Rock reflects a wide-ranging vision, formed through 12 years in specialty coffee, including the previous eight years in the company's original location in Bird Rock between Pacific Beach and La Jolla, says founder and owner Chuck Patton.

"This coffee represents everything we've learned over time," Patton told the Daily News of coffee. "We focused on equipment, ergonomics for bartenders and optimal workflow."

The shop Little Italy soon will be provided by a new roaster located in Blvd. Morena — including the third retail and bar a training lab — that will greatly increase the capacity and space for events for the "Roast Magazine Micro Roaster of the year 2012".

Within the new space of 1,400 square feet everything is oriented towards the bar, where two machines group Synesso multiple-choice covered in Bird Rock Carolina blue signature will drink the espresso and. ..

"We chose equipment that actually work well and are not only aesthetically appealing," says Patton. "We were very pleased with the strength and robustness of Synessos machines, so we signed up with them. On the counter, we wanted to get rid of the clutter and the typical organizational system, and we are still thinking of improving the equipment.

For now, the store in Little Italy remains open for 7 hours from morning to afternoon, with the expectation to increase opening hours shortly.



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