Piedmont: Sweet coffee with crisp Monferrato

Published on 2014-09-11

  • Piedmont: Sweet coffee with crisp Monferrato
  • Piedmont: Sweet coffee with crisp Monferrato
  • Piedmont: Sweet coffee with crisp Monferrato
  • Piedmont: Sweet coffee with crisp Monferrato

Butter: 40 gr.
Dark chocolate: 85 gr.
Whipping cream: 200 gr.
Type amaretto liqueur 1 tablespoon small
Ristretto: 2 cups Aroma Company - Essence of South
Eggs: 2 (only the yolks)
Powdered sugar: 140 gr.
Cocoa powder, sifted 30 gr.
Crunchy almond crumbs: 80-90 gr. The Pastin ancient flavors - Aroma Company
Good preparation!
Difficulty: Easy
Freezer: 12 hours (prepare it the night before)
Preparation time: 30 min + 12 hours cooling in the freezer
Servings: 6 cups
1. Works gently in a bowl with 2 egg yolks 140 gr. powdered sugar until completely embedding;
2.Add floor plan 2 coffee "AROMA COMPANY Essence of the South";
3.Incorporate also melted chocolate that you have melted with the butter until the mixture is smooth and warm;
4.Incorporate also liquor and cocoa, stirring well;
5.In another bowl whip the cream until stiff and mix gently to the previous mixture;
6.Place on the table 6 cups disposable aluminum and fill more than half with the mixture;
7.Go on adding over the Monferrato crumbled crisp and well-trimmed;
8.Slop yet above the rest of the mixture to complete the bowl completely covered;
9.Place in freezer floor (be careful not to turn them inside out!) And let them cool down for at least 12 hours (maybe you should prepare it the night before so that it is very cold at the time of extraction from the molds (help with the blade of a thin knife );
10.Take out from the freezer and rovesciatele accompanying them on a dish with some crunchy almond advanced.

Very important is the final cooling of at least 12 hours to give substance to the dessert, otherwise you risk when you remove the cookie cutter, which is collapsing into the pot.


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