Joining SCAE

Published on 2014-09-28

  • Joining SCAE
  • Joining SCAE
  • Joining SCAE

Welcome to SCAE

The European Association of specialty coffee (SCAE) represents the heart of the community of coffee, where millions of professionals and coffee lovers can share their treasure trove of knowledge and experiences with others in the industry in a forum designed to facilitate innovation, education, research and communication even further.

Everything you do in the SCAE inspirations of coffee excellence. This is our vision, take coffee specialities from all over the world, to re-educate the consumer on this wonderful drink to produce benefits at all levels of the production and distribution chain, at the same time helping to ensure the long-term sustainability of our industry.

We are also very proud to be involved in our charity partner, Coffee Kids, which through a dedicated program allows them to work in coffee Farms of Latin-America, create projects in a number of key areas, from the point of view of education, medical care and economic diversification.

Below you can find out more about SCAE and what the community can offer you coffee, by becoming a member, to the courses on our "Coffee Diploma System, and in the same way on the information regarding the" World of Coffee "event", and of course the "World Coffee Championships", organized by "World Coffee Events".

You know that the "Barista Guild of Europe's first Bartender Camp" can offer you all this at a discounted cost with participation in SCAE 2 days of training certificates:

-2 full days of training, ...
-Obtaining of certification and work thanks to your "Degree Coffee";
-Cutting-edge Topics through lectures and tastings;
-A unique opportunity to test the equipment and machinery of the coffee industry's most advanced;
-Meet and connect with colleagues and at the same time inspiring teachers and potential;
-3 nights in a 4 * hotel including amenities, food and beverages;

To become a member ...

SCAE is an organization aimed at inclusion, handled by its members which is composed of a mix of several people caused by the coffee industry from around the world. No matter what your connections with the coffee, there is a registration package for members each, designed to offer the best benefits possible for all needs.



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