London: coffee Cheesecake

Published on 2015-03-08

  • London: coffee Cheesecake
  • London: coffee Cheesecake
  • London: coffee Cheesecake

• Difficulty: low
• Preparation: 35 min
• Fridge: 3 hours
• Servings: for a cake diam. 28 cm.
Digestive biscuits classics: 200 gr
melted butter: 80 gr.
Philadelphia Cheese: 240 gr.
whipping cream: 250 gr.
Coffee: 2 cups strong espresso coffee and creamy (waffle Sole di napoli AROMA COMPANY for example)
sugar: 80 gr.
isinglass: 10 gr.
Preparation of base:
1. Crumble the cookies into the mixer
2. mix the biscuits with melted butter
3. pour the mixture into a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and file level on the bottom
4. place the baking tray to rest in refrigerator for at least half an hour
Top Preaprazione:
1. Dissolve the gelatine in warm water and then squeeze it, then blend it with the lukewarm coffee sciogliendola
2. mix the soft cheese with the coffee and sugar
3. Whip the cream and add to mixture stirring gently
4. pick up the base and cover it with the sweet compound leveling all the sweet
5. Let rest in refrigerator for at least 3 hours
Final decoration and presentation of coffee cheesecake:
place the cake on a plate, cover with a generous sprinkling of ground coffee (Nepal monorigine AROMA COMPANY) ... and Bon appétit!!!
Attention to mix the cream gently manipulating from below upwards so that you do not disassemble.It's a dessert delicious the next day.
enjoy them with a cup of creamy espresso, for this you can use our:
• COMPATIBLE CAPSULES "ESSENCE of the South" 100% ARABICA that unleashes its unmistakable flavor of caramel, hazelnut and chocolate together with the typical pleasant and sweet notes of arabica of central america
Or for those who love strong flavours:
CAPSULES COMPATIBLE "SOLE DI NAPOLI" 10% 90% ROBUSTA and ARABICA COFFEE PODS ' paper-mixture by strong taste and creamy with hints of chocolate and hazelnut...or with coffee that more you like...!


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