Italy: sandwich biscuits with coffee cream

Published on 2014-10-14

  • Italy: sandwich biscuits with coffee cream
  • Italy: sandwich biscuits with coffee cream
  • Italy: sandwich biscuits with coffee cream

• Difficulty: Low
• Preparation: 15 min
• Cooking time: minutes
• Servings: for 4 people
cold whole milk: 2 cups
strong espresso coffee: 2 cups creamy Sun type of Naples
potato starch: 2 tea spoons
granulated sugar: 8 tea spoons
for the final decoration:
icing sugar:.
chocolate flakes: as required.

1. Beat well sugar and cold milk, coffee, and potato starch
2. put on the fire and bring almost to a boil
3. Remove from heat and mix it still kinda
4. position at the center of a plate by rolling a biscuit pastry with almonds (mandorlotti de "The Pastin")
5. cover the biscuit with creamy mixture without it spill
6. place a second cookie on top
7. Finish with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and a drizzle of chocolate flakes
use sugar to your liking with the mixture. If you believe you can also vary the recipe starting with the beating of an egg yolk with sugar.


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