Italy: poached vanilla coffee

Published on 2014-09-26

  • Italy: poached vanilla coffee
  • Italy: poached vanilla coffee
  • Italy: poached vanilla coffee

Difficulty: Low
Preparation: 5 mins
Cooking: No
Dose: for 1 person
vanilla ice cream: a scoop
cocoa powder:.
Espresso: creamy Sun type of Naples
for the final decoration:
Mint: some small leaf.
Accompanying biscuits: Type "Nocciolotti – The Pastin"
1. set down in a ball of ice cream Cup very cold
2. dispense a generous Cup of espresso type "Aroma Company – Sun of Naples" and allow it to cool down
3. gently Pour the espresso around the scoop of ice cream
4. cover the scoop of ice cream with a dusting of cocoa powder
5. garnish with some mint leaves
6. Serve with cookies
prepared before the coffee and let it cool long enough so you can pull out of the freezer the ice cream at the last minute so that it does not melt too quickly in contact with coffee
Enjoy them with a cup of creamy espresso, for this you can use our:
CAPSULES COMPATIBLE "ESSENCE of the South" 100% ARABICA that unleashes its unmistakable flavor of caramel, hazelnut and chocolate together with the typical pleasant and sweet notes of arabica of central america
CAPSULES COMPATIBLE "SOLE DI NAPOLI" 10% 90% ARABICA ROBUSTA mixture from a strong taste and creamy with hints of chocolate and hazelnut.


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